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Mail Pilot users can quickly manage and productively organize their inboxes with a simple, task-oriented approach, tailored for the desktop.

New version of Mail Pilot 3 is currently on beta. You can get the Public Preview version of the app here

What’s New in Mail Pilot

Version 3.0:

  • New System notifications – By default it’s going to be the “alert” style, allowing you to open or complete a message from the notification. You can change it to the temporary “banner” style in System Preferences. You can also disable them completely in Mail Pilot’s preferences.
  • New Preference to de-emphasize automated messages – It’s only getting the low-hanging fruit right now (hence why it’s labeled “beta” in preferences). Send me the .eml (or “show original” contents in gmail) for messages that it doesn’t catch and we’ll improve its training over the next few weeks!
  • New Is Automated – The “is automated” filter in Perspectives now works (same notes as above).
  • New Learn tab – In the source list, you’ll now see a learn tab with some helpful resources.
  • New Desktop Images – Added desktop images to the website that you can download and use for your desktop, iPad, and iPhone!
  • Fixed Emoji in subject not always rendering correctly.
  • Fixed Special characters in folder names not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Some messages not displaying in the thread view (when there was a return / new line in the subject).
  • Fixed Crash on launch for some users caused by a contacts library we were using. I removed the library and rewrote our contacts code to only use the system API.
  • Improved Badge count number accuracy
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.12 or later

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